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fLako - Rehuscope (2007)//

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Dubble D - King (2005)//

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Ta-Ku - Ugh feat. Mei Swan (2012)  //

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Dday One Heiwa (2011)  //

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chris△re - yeah (2011)  //

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Dday One - Between Poles (Beta) (2010)  //

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Kinny - Suffocate (2012)  //

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Jameszoo Emper Hyacinths (2012)  

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Dirg Gerner - Attempting Cry feat. Olmino (2011)  //

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fLako & Brokenchord - Come Back As A Flower (2012)  //

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Controller 7 Minds Immeasurably Superior (1998)  //

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Common - The Dreamer feat Maya Angelou (2011)  //

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Jonti - Nagoya Train Station 3AM (2012)  //

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Eric Lau -Can You Feel It? feat. Guilty Simpson & Fatima (2012)  //

This is on repeat.  Indefinitely.  Enjoy. 

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DJ Shadow - Redeemed (2011)  //

God gave me a song
That the angels cannot sing
I’ve been washed in the blood
of the curcified one
I’ve been redeemed

On a personal note, it’s good to see Shadow back into using samples from such obscure material such as Susan Reed or even the instrumental piano riff’s from a 50’s French soap opera.  He was wasting his talent with that hood dancing Northern Cali shit.  Welcome back, dude.  This album is up there with Endtroducing.  Pick it up if you haven’t. 

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